"Great music. Captures your heart and ushers you into the presence of the Lord. More than a Christmas CD, it is a call to remember the One who came and why He came. Truly music that reveals the meaning of the advent season and yet transcends it."


Dr. Joyce Wallace, Author/Speaker

"WOW!!! After listening to Radiant Light, I believe it to be one of the most striking compositions of favorite Christmas music I personally have ever heard.  There was an impartation that came to me as I listened that caused my soul and spirit to be drawn into the presence of the King himself and my heart was impacted by His love for me again.  The title "Radiant Light" is indeed fitting and the revelation of that Light (Jesus) filled me once again and I was drawn back into the true reason for Christmas.  The truth that Jesus came from heaven to earth to redeem not only my life but all mankind.  Wonder and Awe are two words that come to mind that should be used to describe the beauty and simplicity that you have used to capture the essence of His Radiant Light and I would strongly recommend this wonderful Christmas CD to all."


Michael Lazio, Senior Pastor

Bethel House of Prayer

"Radiant Light is wonderful in every aspect!  Your musical gift is a treasure.  Thank you for enriching my day and for your gift of peace through music.  I will listen to this again and again."


Karen Fremar, PhD, Musician/Composer

"The CD is wonderful...peaceful and connected to the Spirit...exactly the focus everyone needs this time of year!"


Elizabeth Hey, Writer

"I love your CD!  As a believer, it really is so worshipful. I can put it on, feels like Christmas but still engages my heart.
For people that aren't particularly keyed into that, it really carries that mystical enchanting feel of aged-Christmas music, especially the feeling of historical English Carols. I'll be promoting it on my facebook page. I hope you sell them all and then some!"

Jason Ellsworth, Worship Leader

"We are excited to have worship artist, Ronda Adams, as our guest.  Ronda's amazing violin compositions have become a favorite among prayer ministries around the globe, including the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  Right after the service, we are hosting a CD release party to celebrate Ronda's brand new project, Radiant Light.  A beautiful compilation of Christmas music set in fresh new arrangements that are destine to become your favorite songs of the season."


Tim Doyle, Senior Pastor

Riverside Church

"Wow, Ronda does it again with Radiant Light!  This anointed CD ushers in the spirit of Christmas along with the presence of the Lord.  Her music offers a masterful blend that captivates the true essence of Christmas.  It is sure to flood your soul!"

“I love the touch you have given to O Holy Night, it gently and powerfully pierces my heart much like the shepherds must have felt upon hearing the angel's proclamation of the Savior's birth. I was not prepared for the unique treatment that you used in your rendition of Away in a Manger & It Came Upon a Midnight Clear; simply captivating!  O Come, O Come Emmanuel settles on you like a velvet fog and whispers the song of our Deliverer to our hearts. This music truly is a gift to every listener!”


John Brown, Senior Pastor
Harmony Vineyard Church