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How can you help?

As I've been doing research on the music business and how music is distributed, for someone like me who doesn't travel and tour, the chances of getting any type of major distribution or signed by a label is pretty slim.  With the internet, amazing things are possible for musicians like myself to have their music go far and wide with "viral campaigns".  A viral campaign is a way to trumpet your product through email and other social networking tools.  I know my own personal sphere of influence is limited but with the help of friends and family, that sphere is greatly increased.  Please consider helping me in this Spread The Light campaign!



join my email list

post a Facebook link to my website

tweet about it

do you have any contacts in the music biz/bookstores/radio

purchase CD's for Christmas at my store



I've also been trying to think outside the box as far as other ways to distribute this album but if you have any further suggestions, by all means, let me know.  Since this is a Christmas album, we only have a short time to market this but here are some thoughts:


groups that have mission trips planned

homeschooling or Christian school organizations

church groups that are raising money



Bulk Discount Sales

gifts for office staff

gifts for church staff

ministry bookstores

church bookstores

If you have any further suggestions or would like more information about discounts offered, please get in touch with me either by phone at (816) 719-6735 or by emailing  rondaadams@me.com.